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Here is a collection of fun and interesting pictures that are connected in some way to gay life in the city around the time of the Trocadero Transfer's golden years, give or take a year or two. If you would like to contribute images for this section please write to us at info@remembertheparty.com and be sure to make the subject heading "Trocadero".

OK, let's go take a peak at how our fair city evolved and see the fabulous faces of those who created the energy that formed this magical City By The Bay, our Atlantis, our Oz.

San Francisco Gay Pride 1977, this person must have been writing a little greetings card to Anita Bryant. Too bad the last words are not visible. Do they say "wish you were here? queer? dead? I guess we'll never know for sure.

San Francisco Gay Pride 1978. Look at these two beautiful young men. This picture could have been taken recently, the only fashion difference being that today the pants would be worn about four inches lower on the hip.

Sanford Kellman's I-Beam float Gay Day 1979? The club opened in 1977 and on the opening night they had muscular men with hard hats carrying I-beams into the club on their shoulders, ooooh!

San Francisco gay Pride 1979? Who are these cowboy hunks?
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