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What is a Live Casino?

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A live casino is a gambling website that uses real people to run the games. It is filmed in special studios or at genuine casinos and uses real equipment such as cards, dice, and roulette wheels.

It also uses real dealers who communicate with players using the chat function. This makes the games feel more authentic than their RNG counterparts.

Game variety

A live casino can offer a variety of table games to suit every taste. The games are streamed in real time from a studio monitor, and players can chat with dealers via a dedicated chat box. This adds a social aspect to the gaming experience and helps make the experience more realistic.

Online casinos are keen to make their games as close to traditional ones as possible in order to appeal to gamers who place a lot of emphasis on realism. This is very different from gamers who enjoy playing slot games. They like the fast results and bright colors that slot games have to offer.

One way that online casinos try to attract the realism-oriented gamers is by having certain special live casino games reserved for VIP gamers. This can inspire them to place larger wagers in order to qualify for VIP status sooner. This strategy has been successful in attracting this audience, and many live casinos have explored it as a way to increase their player retention.

Game control system

The game control system at a live casino allows players to interact with the dealer in a real-time setting. They can chat and make bets in the same way they would in a traditional casino, but with the added benefit of being able to play from their own home. The casino will then process the bets and announce winners immediately. This is made possible by Optical Character Recognition software, which uses cameras to capture different views and transmits the results instantly to players.

Online casinos are keen on making their live games as realistic as possible, hoping to appeal to a segment of gamers who want a more authentic experience. This is a major departure from the video slot games that are largely targeted at those who simply want to place their bets as quickly as possible. This approach is a great way to draw new customers and build brand loyalty. This is also good for the gaming industry as a whole, because it will encourage people to try out more games.


Many gamblers choose to play live casino games in order to experience the feel of a real gambling environment. These games are streamed in real time from special studios or venues at genuine casinos and feature professional croupiers. They also use a variety of cameras to capture different angles and display them on the player’s device.

Moreover, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is used to track the symbols on cards and numbers on roulette wheels in real time and transmit them to players instantly. These features are essential for the success of live casino games.

Many of the live dealer games available at a casino online are based on standard casino games, but they have unique rules and gameplay mechanics that differentiate them from their basic counterparts. For example, Evolution’s Lightning Roulette adds multipliers to the game for more winning chances, and Pragmatic Play’s ONE Blackjack offers new ways to increase your bankroll. These unique elements help to make the games more realistic and exciting to play.


Live casino games are a new trend on gambling sites. These games feature real dealers and are regulated by specific measures to ensure that the outcomes of the game are fair. These measures include monitoring the game, using RNGs or PRNGs, and ensuring that the dealer is following the rules of the game. This means that it is nearly impossible to rig a live casino game, as long as you play with a reputable online casino.

The first step in securing your account is to check whether the casino offers secure connections and uses SSL encryption. You should also check the site’s security practices and make sure that it has a license to operate in your jurisdiction. Additionally, you should choose a casino that does not tolerate spamming or phishing by other sites. This will help protect your personal information and prevent any unnecessary risk of hacking. A reputable online casino will publish its licensing and gambling authority on its homepage.

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